How we got here...

Where it all started

Textra was founded in 1964 by Mac Mackinnon and we remain a family run business to this day.

The company started life in London in the heady days of the early 60’s as textile converters – designing, printing and weaving British textiles.

In 1980 we moved the head office to Abingdon but kept our beautiful showroom in Newman Street, off Oxford Street right in the heart of textiles in the capital. We also had a warehouse in Keighley in Yorkshire close to the British weavers and printers that produced our ranges.



Meet the Team

Tim, Mac’s son joined Textra first after travelling in Australia and then I, Mac’s daughter followed, leaving several times before finally accepting “working for my Dad”. Gwen joined as her first job from University and we have now been a team through 40 years together.



On the Move

Surviving the recessions of the 80’S, 90’S

saw us in East Hendred and then after Mac’s death in 2002 over the years moved to Steventon and decided to use the skills we had accumulated, to start designing schemes and making and fitting curtains.

It was a steep learning curve for Gwen and I but for 15 years we have worked in wonderful homes designed hundreds of schemes, hung thousands of curtains and drilled millions of holes in walls.




Where we are Now

In 2013 we made our final move to The Old Farrowing House @ Highlands Farm. As a working farm, you experience the rhythm of the seasons around every day, making it a little piece of heaven.

We took on an old farm building and with Tim’s building skills, transformed it into a wonderful workshop with heart!

Now we had a great space to be practical and creative and when we made the decision that our curtain fitting days were over we could not bring ourselves to leave.

So we planned a new chapter and started to run sewing and craft courses.

We have loved sharing our wonderful space and meeting lovely people but the Covid19 pandemic has made it impossible to continue and so we have made the decision to cancel all further courses and start the major clear out to prepare to leave the workshop.




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